Consistent and Efficient Scheduled/Routed Messenger Services by Alvy Delivers

Alvy Delivers offers top-tier scheduled and routed messenger services, ensuring your regular shipments are handled with care, consistency, and efficiency.

Our diverse fleet, ranging from nimble sedans to spacious box trucks, is ready to meet your specific routing needs across Southern California.

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Delivery Needs

Versatile Fleet to Match Every Scheduled Delivery Requirement

Alvy Delivers' Scheduled/Routed Messenger service boasts a diverse selection of vehicles to cater to varied delivery needs across Southern California. Our fleet ranges from compact sedans, ideal for navigating through the bustling city streets of Los Angeles with small parcels and documents, to larger vans, perfect for medium-sized deliveries.

For businesses requiring the transportation of bulkier items on a regular schedule, our box trucks come into play. These vehicles are well-suited for larger cargo, providing ample space and secure transportation for goods like retail inventory, equipment, or substantial inter-office deliveries.

Each vehicle type in our fleet is chosen for its reliability, efficiency, and suitability to the urban and suburban landscapes of Southern California. This diversity allows us to match the right vehicle to your specific scheduled delivery needs, ensuring that your items are transported in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Scheduling at Your Convenience

Adaptable Delivery Times to Fit Your Business Schedule

Understanding the importance of punctuality in business operations, Alvy Delivers offers flexible timing options for our Scheduled/Routed Messenger service. We work closely with clients to establish a delivery schedule that aligns perfectly with their operational needs, whether it's daily, bi-weekly, or weekly deliveries.

Our planning team meticulously organizes routes and schedules to ensure timely deliveries every time. Whether your business starts early or operates into the late hours, we adjust our schedules to meet your specific time requirements, ensuring that your deliveries are always on time.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide consistent and reliable service. Our clients in the Greater Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California can rest assured that their scheduled deliveries will be completed as planned, every time, without delays or disruptions.


Punctual Deliveries

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Rapid Response

5-Minute Avg.


Express Delivery


Expertise in Diverse Delivery Content

Safe and Secure Transportation for All Types of Goods

At Alvy Delivers, our Scheduled/Routed Messenger service is designed to handle a wide array of commodities with the utmost care. From fragile items like laboratory samples and electronics to bulk goods such as retail merchandise and office supplies, our team is trained to manage various types of cargo.

We understand that different commodities require different handling and transportation conditions. Our vehicles are equipped to ensure the safe and secure transport of your goods, and our drivers are trained in the best practices for handling diverse cargo types, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.

Our commitment to versatility and careful handling makes us a trusted partner for businesses across different sectors in Southern California. Whether you're in the healthcare, technology, retail, or any other industry, you can rely on Alvy Delivers to transport your commodities with the specialized care they require.

White Glove Delivery - Alvy Delivers

Expanding Reach for Your Business

Your Trusted Delivery Partner in Every Corner of Southern California

Alvy Delivers takes pride in offering extensive coverage with our Scheduled/Routed Messenger service across Southern California. From the dense urban areas of Downtown LA to the sprawling suburbs, we cover a wide geographical area to serve a diverse range of businesses.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Southern California region, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, and beyond, allows us to plan the most efficient routes for your scheduled deliveries. This regional expertise ensures that we can provide prompt and reliable service, no matter your location.

Our extensive coverage is not just about reaching every corner of the region; it's about understanding the unique logistics and challenges of each area. Whether it's navigating through rush hour traffic in the city or covering long distances between suburban locations, our team is skilled in ensuring that your deliveries are made on time, every time, maintaining the consistency and reliability that your business depends on.


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Voices of Trust and Success

"Alvy Delivers has been a true lifesaver for our organization. Their on on demand courier services have never failed."


Kim Goldstein - P3 Inc.

Executive Assistant

"Noah and the Alvy Delivers team are respectful, consitent, and have always provided a reliable delivery service! We truly value our partnership with them."


Lucy Mushegyan - Warner Bros Worldwide Marketing

Director, Marketing & Promotions

"The drivers are always so kind and respectful! Chad Lagana is our account manager, and ensures each one of our orders is executed to perfection."


Marianna Pisterman - J2 Medical Supply

Warehouse Supervisor


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