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Discover the efficiency of Alvy Delivers' Same-Day Delivery service, perfectly tailored to meet your urgent needs.

From compact sedans for small parcels to spacious vans and box trucks for larger cargo, we have the fleet to ensure your items are delivered promptly and safely within Southern California.

Choose Your Ideal Delivery Vehicle: Sedans to Box Trucks

Tailored Transportation for Same-Day Delivery

Alvy Delivers offers a diverse fleet of vehicles to meet the unique demands of same-day delivery in Southern California. For smaller, quick-to-transport items, our fleet of sedans is at your service. These vehicles are perfect for navigating the bustling streets of Los Angeles, ensuring your documents, small parcels, or other compact items are delivered swiftly and efficiently.

For medium-sized packages, our vans are the ideal choice. Equipped to handle a range of commodities from electronic goods to medium-sized equipment, these vans strike the perfect balance between speed and capacity. They are particularly suited for urban deliveries where larger vehicles might face accessibility challenges, yet more space is needed than a sedan can provide.

When it comes to larger deliveries, such as bulk orders, equipment, or larger parcels, our box trucks are at the ready. These vehicles are designed for substantial cargo, providing the necessary space and security for your larger items. With the capacity to handle significant volumes, our box trucks ensure that even the bulkiest of deliveries can be made on the same day within Southern California.

Rapid Transit for Time-Sensitive Shipments

Fast-Track Your Deliveries with Our Expedited Service

Understanding the importance of time-sensitive deliveries, Alvy Delivers specializes in expedited transit. Our same-day delivery service is designed to meet the most urgent needs of our clients. From the moment an order is placed, our team mobilizes to ensure that your package is picked up and delivered with the utmost urgency.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and punctuality, ensuring that time constraints are met without compromising the quality of service. Our logistics team expertly navigates through Southern California's diverse landscapes, from the urban sprawl of Downtown LA to the more suburban areas, ensuring that every delivery is made within the promised timeframe.

Our state-of-the-art tracking technology allows for real-time updates, giving you peace of mind and the ability to plan around the arrival of your goods. Whether it's urgent medical supplies, last-minute event materials, or time-critical legal documents, our expedited delivery times stand as a testament to our commitment to speed and reliability.


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Express Delivery


Adapting to Your Specific Delivery Content

Handling Diverse Goods with Expert Care

At Alvy Delivers, we understand that same-day delivery needs can vary greatly in terms of content. Our service is designed to accommodate a wide array of commodities, ensuring that whether your items are fragile, valuable, large, or unusually shaped, they are handled with expert care.

Our team is trained to deal with a variety of goods, from sensitive medical equipment and laboratory specimens to high-value electronics and confidential legal documents. Each type of commodity is handled according to its specific needs, ensuring it remains secure and intact throughout transit.

Our approach to handling diverse goods is backed by a deep understanding of different packaging and transportation requirements. This expertise ensures that your items, regardless of their nature, are delivered in the same condition as they were picked up, adhering to the highest standards of courier service.

White Glove Delivery - Alvy Delivers

Expansive Reach for Your Convenience

Your Delivery Partner Throughout Southern California

Alvy Delivers is proud to offer comprehensive same-day delivery coverage across Southern California. From the heart of Los Angeles to the sprawling suburbs, our services span a wide geographical area, ensuring we can cater to your delivery needs, no matter where you are located.

Our coverage includes major business districts, residential areas, and even remote locations within the region. Whether you need a package delivered to a corporate office in downtown Los Angeles, a medical facility in Long Beach, or a retail store in Orange County, our extensive network ensures that your delivery requirements are met.

This wide coverage is supported by our in-depth local knowledge and experience in navigating Southern California's unique geography. From the congested streets of the city to the more laid-back coastal towns, our drivers are adept at finding the most efficient routes, ensuring timely and reliable delivery across the region.


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Kim Goldstein - P3 Inc.

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"Noah and the Alvy Delivers team are respectful, consitent, and have always provided a reliable delivery service! We truly value our partnership with them."


Lucy Mushegyan - Warner Bros Worldwide Marketing

Director, Marketing & Promotions

"The drivers are always so kind and respectful! Chad Lagana is our account manager, and ensures each one of our orders is executed to perfection."


Marianna Pisterman - J2 Medical Supply

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