Elevating Delivery Standards with Alvy Delivers’ White Glove Service

Alvy Delivers brings unparalleled excellence to Southern California with our White Glove Delivery Service, designed for those who seek nothing less than the best in handling and transporting their most valuable items.

With our diverse fleet and expert handling, we ensure your items are not just delivered but cared for with the highest standards of professionalism and attention.

Selecting the Perfect Vehicle for Precious Cargo

Diverse Fleet for High-End Delivery Needs

Alvy Delivers' White Glove Service features a carefully selected fleet of vehicles, each suited for different types of high-end deliveries. For smaller, delicate items, our sedans offer a swift and secure option, ideal for navigating the busy streets of Los Angeles while ensuring the safety of your valuable goods.

When it comes to slightly larger but equally precious items, our vans are the perfect fit. They provide ample space and are equipped with specialized features to secure and protect items like high-end electronics, artwork, or sensitive documents during transit across Southern California's diverse landscapes.

For the largest and most cumbersome luxury items, our box trucks are at your service. These vehicles are particularly beneficial for transporting large pieces of art, antiques, or high-value furniture. Equipped with features like climate control and secure tie-downs, they ensure a smooth and safe journey for your prized possessions.

Timely Delivery of Your Most Valuable Items

Unwavering Punctuality for Your Precious Commodities

Time is often as precious as the cargo we deliver in our White Glove Service. Understanding this, Alvy Delivers offers meticulously planned scheduling to accommodate the strict timeframes required by our clients. Whether it's an urgent delivery or a pre-planned schedule, our team ensures timely service across Southern California.

Our logistics team works closely with clients to understand their specific timing needs, coordinating deliveries down to the minute. This precision planning is crucial for events, gallery openings, or other time-sensitive scenarios where the timely arrival of high-value items is paramount.

We respect the importance of punctuality, especially in bustling areas like downtown Los Angeles or across the wider Southern California region. Our drivers are trained to navigate efficiently, ensuring that your items arrive not only in perfect condition but also exactly when needed.


Punctual Deliveries

99.3% OTP


Rapid Response

5-Minute Avg.


Express Delivery


Expertise in Diverse Luxury Commodities

Specialized Care for Your Most Prized Possessions

Alvy Delivers' White Glove Service is designed to handle a wide range of luxury commodities with the utmost care and professionalism. From fine art and antiques to high-end electronics and sensitive equipment, our team is trained to manage and transport these items with the specialized care they require.

Every item entrusted to our care receives personalized attention. We understand the unique requirements of different commodities, whether it involves climate control for art, cushioning for delicate electronics, or secure strapping for antique furniture. This specialized handling ensures the integrity and preservation of your items throughout their journey.

Our commitment to handling diverse luxury items extends to every phase of the delivery process. From the initial secure packing to the careful unloading and placement at the destination, our team ensures that each step is executed with precision and attention to detail, befitting the high standards of our White Glove Service.

White Glove Delivery - Alvy Delivers

Delivering Luxury Wherever You Are

White Glove Service Across the Expanse of Southern California

Alvy Delivers' White Glove Service extends throughout the vast region of Southern California, ensuring that no matter where you are, our premium delivery services are available to you. We cover major cities, affluent neighborhoods, and remote areas alike, providing the same high level of service throughout.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Southern California area, from the urban centers of Los Angeles and San Diego to the quieter suburbs of Orange County and beyond, allows us to plan the most efficient and secure routes for your luxury items. We understand the nuances of each area, ensuring that your items are delivered safely and discreetly.

This extensive coverage is particularly important for clients who deal with high-value items regularly. Whether you're an art dealer in Beverly Hills, a luxury boutique in Malibu, or a private collector in Pasadena, you can rely on Alvy Delivers to provide exceptional White Glove Service, ensuring that your valuable items are treated with the respect and care they deserve, every step of the way.


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"Alvy Delivers has been a true lifesaver for our organization. Their on on demand courier services have never failed."


Kim Goldstein - P3 Inc.

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"Noah and the Alvy Delivers team are respectful, consitent, and have always provided a reliable delivery service! We truly value our partnership with them."


Lucy Mushegyan - Warner Bros Worldwide Marketing

Director, Marketing & Promotions

"The drivers are always so kind and respectful! Chad Lagana is our account manager, and ensures each one of our orders is executed to perfection."


Marianna Pisterman - J2 Medical Supply

Warehouse Supervisor


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