About Us

Our Founders

Alvy Delivers was founded by Noah and Michael Alvarez, hence the “Alvy” nickname, short for Alvarez. Noah Alvarez is the President & CEO and heads the operation on a daily basis. The evolution of the business began with Noah’s vision of creating a vast, multi-level delivery service network, centered around last-mile and white-glove logistics. Michael operates as the Chief Financial Officer and ensures the business is running as efficiently as possible while managing all cash flow and accounting functions. Both Michael and Noah have had the luxury of seeing the inner-workings of entrepreneurship at a young age. Their father, Michael Alvarez Jr., has been their biggest role model and mentor not just in business, but in life. Michael Jr. has been an esteemed executive in the entertainment industry for over 35 years and has founded several thriving businesses in the fulfillment and pre/post production sector.
Both Noah and Michael got their business degrees from Cal Lutheran University, and today they are managing business in several different sectors, including fast-casual restaurant dining, apparel branding and manufacturing, and of course, delivery/logistics. The combination of business school and real-world experience as small business owners has given the brothers unique perspective in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Michael and Noah are passionate about running viable business with the people they love, all while honoring their Faith.


Noah J. Alvarez, President & Chief Executive Officer:

  • Graduated from Cal Lutheran, majoring in Business Administration
  • Franchisee: Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill; Member of Purchasing Board
  • Co-founder: Alvy Delivers, Inc.
  • Co-Founder: WeGo Delivers, Inc.
  • Business Development Manager: P3, Inc.
  • Board Member, Salvation Army Santa Clarita

Michael A. Alvarez III, Chief Financial Officer:

  • Husband and proud father
  • Graduated from Cal Lutheran with Honors, majoring in Business Administration
  • Franchisee: Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill
  • Co-Founder: Alvy Delivers, Inc.
  • Chief Financial Officer: P3, Inc.
  • 8 years of experience in fulfillment, logistics, distribution business, primarily leading finance and accounting functions

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a close-knit, hands-on team that personally ensures every job and order in a given day gets executed and completed.
  • We have interactive and real-time systems with a dedicated support line to respond to any of your delivery needs.
  •  Competitive rates across the board
  • Licensed, Insured, comprehensive vetting process 
  • Reduced overhead and ability to move product remotely
  • Access to vast transportation network


We Are Proud Members Of

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